Reed's Hobby Shop has been in business since at least 1960 as confirmed by a directory ad in the November 1960 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman magazine.

Started by Mr. Reed, the shop was located at 3129 High Street Oakland CA, phone KE 4-1119.

The shop was purchased by John Engstrom in 1976 and was moved to La Mesa.  (If John's name sounds familiar, it should, John was with Athearn.)  The store had been moved to its present location on La Mesa Blvd by 1979, as confirmed by an ad in the August 1979 issue of Railroad Model Craftsman, and had a 714 area code.

While in La Mesa, the store was owned by John until 1981, when Bob Bickley purchased it.  From 1989 to 1997, the store was owned by Tom Stickle. 

And finally, Steve, Sharon and Bruce bought the store in 1997.