Reeds Hobby Shop is able to perform repairs on many types of model trains including but not limited to:


HO Scale:  bring the model into the shop for an evaluation, this includes DCC decoder installation requests.  Models that we can not repair include, but is not limited to, old AHM, Rivarossi Tyco, Mantua, Life-Like and Bachmann as we are unable to obtain parts for these older models.  For Bachmann items, please click here to refer to Bachmann's repair policy on their website

On30:  bring the model into the shop for an evaluation. 

Lionel, American Flyer, Marx:  bring the model to the shop to be evaluated.  Some minor repairs may be able to be performed in the shop, but most will need to be sent to our off-site repair tech.  Please note that we not an authorized Lionel repair site. 

MTH:  bring the model into the shop to be sent out to our off-site repair tech.  Reeds is an MTH Authorized Service Center. 

Piko:  contact Piko America directly at (619) 280-2800.

LGB:  contact Berry at (619) 599-3060.

N and Z Scale:  we do not have any one available to work on these at this time.  This includes DCC decoder installations.  We suggest you contact the San Diego Society of N Scale to see if one of their members can help.

Repair rates:  the cost of repairs done in the shop or by one of our off-site techs run from $20 to $45 per hour plus the cost of parts.

Turn Around Time:  1 to 3 weeks depending on the work to be performed.  However, due to availability of some parts, repairs may take a month or longer.